Advisory board

The Advisory Board of the VSAE consists of three student members and two working members. This board advices and checks the board of the VSAE. Through regular meetings with the board, the Advisory Board is always up to date on the latest developments within the association. In addition to this, the Advisory Board monitors the policy set out by the board and makes sure the goals of the VSAE are being met. If you are interested in joining the Advisory Board, you can send one of the members an email. 

Current composition

Wies de Wit (chairman)
December 2018 - December 2020

Stefan Jaasma
February 2018 - February 2020

Luna Potic
December 2018 - December 2020

Ruben Walschot
December 2018 - December 2020

Bas Koolstra
December 2019 - December 2021