Exposure, promotion & vacancies


The VSAE offers both digital and printed exposure possibilities. We have digital possibilities on our association website www.vsae.nl. Finally we reserve space for our main partners on all of our flyers and posters we use to promote our social activities.


Besides exposure the VSAE also offers the possibility to use active promotion to bring your event to the attention of its members. The possibilities we have regarding active promotion are sending mailings to all our members, posting a social media post on our Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram or the possibility to have a banner at our website. We have a strict policy regarding the maximum of mailings, social media posts and banners in order to maximise the effect of our active promotion. Therefore please make a reservation well in time for a mailing, social media post or banner.

Vacancy website

Since May 2015 the VSAE manages its own vacancy platform www.careers4quants.com. Our target audience consists of students with a quantitative background. On this page students can find vacancies for student jobs, internships and fulltime starter positions. In addition to the vacancies, they can find tips & tricks about application procedures and an orientationplatform were differents branches are highlighted by blogs and interviews.

Do you want to use any of the possibilities the VSAE has to offer or receive more information? Please contact us by external@vsae.nl