Start-up Event

Last June the second edition of the VSAE StartUp Event took place. During this event you can get in touch with startups (beginning companies) in an informal way. While you are enjoying a nice piece of meat from the barbecue and a drink, there is enough time to get to know everything about the different startups which are present.

How is it like to work in a startup? What kind of tasks do you perform? But as well: Wat can an econometrician do in the different startups? And: What kind of skills do you need and learn while working in a startup? All of this and more can be discovered during the Startup Event!

This year the Startup Event took take place at June the 7th of 2017 at Amstelhaven. The companies Bloomon, Boldking, BrightCape, Delph, Exelerating, Hotelchamp, Picnic and Quantics all atended the Startup Event which led to a very interesting afternoom with different kind of companies.