The Committee

Composition of the committee

Chairman: Lois van Santen

Lois is the ultimate VSAE'er, since her first year of the bachelor she has been present at almost every VSAE event. In her 2nd year she even became a board member. Eventually, after four years being active at the VSAE she now is the one and only chair of the Lustrum Committee. With her enthousiasme she makes even the most bitter people excited for the VSAE. So make sure to have a chat with Lois if you haven't before, you won't regret it.

Important to note is that Lois is also always up for "wijnen" and she would never refuse a beer. But even after a late night of drinking she can be found at the UB at 9'oclock in the morning. She is what we call "een echte strijder." With her dedication this Lustrum will be more than a succes and one to remember for a life time.

Coordinator: Julie van Oldenborgh 

Julie is the chairman of the board, but more importantly the coordinator of the lustrum committee! As the coordinator she checks if everything is going according to plan. She’s originally from Amsterdam and her favorite sport is skiing. But you will probably not be able to see Julie on the slopes. Her all-white skiing suit makes it so that she perfectly blends in with the snow.

In the summer you can find her and her friends on a terrace with a nice glass of Aperol Spritz.

Julie also doesn’t feel any social pressure because she still hasn’t made an Instagram or Facebook account. Ask her to smile, and if you look close enough you might spot that a piece of her front teeth has been replaced. 

Head of Events: Caio Smidi

Caio, in many ways, is the perfect VSAE’er; he’s social, active within the association and is completely flunking a couple of courses. Older members know Caio as a board member of the 2021-2022 board, so for the newer members who only know him from borrels; he can definitely organize an awesome event!

He’s also a member of Chip so he really doesn’t need to spend a second of his student life on actually studying, and he likes to do some dentist work in his spare time. All in all a great guy you absolutely need to talk to!

Events & Marketing: Michelle Mutsaers

Our Lustrum Committee would not be the same without Michelle Mutsaers. Despite the fact that she is not the only person in this committee that has board experience within the VSAE, she also has a special skillset that makes here particularly essential for the organization of this event.

Some would say otherwise, but Michelle actually tends to be a wise, responsible mother-figure in most of her friend groups. But don’t think this is all: underneath this personality lies a lot of potential to bring a party or borrel to the next level!
As experienced as she is as a VSAE’er and – more importantly – as a student, she actually doesn’t drink beers so don’t bother offering her one. If you however want to test your boundaries drinking wines or cocktails, or try, let’s say, ‘other things besides drinking’, she might be the one for you. Also, for any gluten related questions, please turn to Michelle.

Michelle’s creative talent also didn’t go unnoticed by the previous Internal Affairs of the VSAE, and therefore she has been (self)assigned the title of Events & Marketing of this Lustrum Committee. So besides the great events that she will organize for you, also make sure to check out the utmost precision and punctuality of the social media posts she will publish on our socials!

Events & Secretary: Arthur van den Bergh

This is Arthur aka Arturo aka Tuurtje. He is part of the events team and also our secretary. 

Arthur is in many ways a unique member of our committee. After studying 3 years of Econometrics, he decided that it is not really his thing after all and now he’s finishing the Economics Bachelor. Therefore he is our only non-Econometrics committee member. Besides that, he is also the only one in the committee who is not a former board member. 

So now you’re probably wondering… why is Arthur in the committee? Well, since he visited lots of events and did lots of committees he is a very nice and capable committee member with a good sense of humor. Or at least, 80% of the time he is a good committee member. Since 10% of the time he is too late or still asleep and the other 10% of the time his laptop doesn’t work. 

But we still love him ;).

Acquisition: Naut van Teeseling

Our Naut will fullfill the function of acquisition during this lustrum. He already had some practice with this function by being the external affairs of VSAE in 2020. This year again the responsibility of bringing in sponsors will be on his shoulders. Furthermore, you might know this guy as the boat driver at the Actieve Leden Dag (yes it was his Dispuutboot) or you might seen one of his funny tiktoks. Naut is truly an asset to this committee!

Treasurer: Merijn Roelfsema

If you’re ever looking for someone to handle your finances, Merijn is your guy. Not only is he really good at it, he also enjoys it. Or, at least, that’s how he makes it seem. After a full year of being the treasurer of the VSAE in the board of 2021, it was only a matter of months for him to come back as the treasurer of the Lustrum committee. 

Merijn is friendly, calm, loyal and has great attention to detail, qualities that not only make him a good treasurer, but also a good friend. Ask him for anything, and he’ll always come through (except for fishtacos never let him make fishtacos).

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