Below you can find an overview of the different positions on the VSAE board. 

General board tasks

  • Coordinating committees
  • Formulating and implementing policy
  • Attending and supervising activities

Main positions


  • Maintaining the overall overview of the association
  • Chairing board meetings and general membership meetings
  • Direct, monitor and support fellow board members
  • Liaising with sister associations, faculty and Board of Commissioners
  • Speeches at various VSAE and UvA activities

Internal Affairs

  • Support and retain active members
  • Recruiting new active members
  • Putting together committees
  • Chairman Board Selection Committee


  • Maintaining the association's finances
  • Preparing and controlling the budget of the association and committees
  • Keeping the accounts
  • Preparing and sending invoices

External Affairs

  • Establishing and maintaining contact with companies
  • Visiting companies and selling sponsor packages
  • Drawing up and sending contracts
  • Assisting committees in the acquisition process

Additional positions


  • Internal and external contact of the association
  • Taking minutes of board meetings, general membership meetings and committee evaluations
  • Maintaining the membership and alumni database


  • Designing and ordering promotional materials
  • Executing promotion plan
  • Online promotion


  • Support Chairman if and where necessary
  • Take over tasks in absence of Chairman