All our activities and projects are organised by our active members (around 120). As an active member you gain valuable experience in organising large projects and working in teams. As an active member you will contribute by filling a position in one of our committees. There are different posts within a committee and our internal affairs board member will make sure you get what you are looking for when joining a committee. Being active beyond studying is perceived as a crucial part of building a good resume, but it is foremost a lot of fun to organise (inter)nationally renowned events together with your fellow students.

For more information and all the different possibilities, you can contact the Internal Affairs of the board, Damla Baybar, at


February - March 2024

  • Actuarial Congress 2024
  • Econometric Game 2024
  • Integration Committee
  • Introduction Days 2023
  • Year Closing Trip 2023

May - June 2024

  • Analytics Academy
  • The Experience 2024
  • VSAE weekend 2023
  • Chairmen Freshmen Committees
  • Master Speeddate Event

September 2024

  • Party Committee
  • Study Committee
  • Sjaars Committee
  • Sports Committee
  • Skiing Trip Committee

October 2024

  • Business Orientation Days 2024
  • Korte Buitenlanse Reis 2024

November 2024

  • Aenorm
  • International Study Project 2024
  • Startup Event 2024