Previous boards

On this page you can find all former boards of the VSAE.

As a VSAE board member, you are responsible for the day-to-day running of the association. This brings many challenges which will translate into a huge development of you as a person, your network and the association. If you are interested in a board year - not necessarily the coming year - you are welcome for a cup of coffee and an interview.

During the year, you will learn to work intensively together in a small team, have the opportunity to realise your own plans, develop your communication skills and gain insight into the functioning of a (small) company. In addition, a board year is very good on your CV.

As a study association, VSAE lies at the intersection of students, the university and business. As a board member, you are at the heart of the association and will gain contacts in each of these milieus, which together provide a broad and valuable network that will benefit you for the rest of your life.

The VSAE has a range of committees ranging from a social year-end or winter sports to a prestigious Econometric Game or Analytics Academy. The balance between social and serious is what gives the VSAE its character and what makes a board year a unique experience.

For more information, questions and/or to schedule an informal, exploratory coffee, please contact Selma Lindfors by emailing or Members of the Board Selection Committee will treat any potential application confidentially.