For the NGO

Why the Analytics Academy?

We try to inspire everyone to do the things that inspire them. We do this by building a platform to connect data-wise students with non-profits. This way, the non-profits will be more effective (in inspiring people), while the students form a steady foundation of their practices.

How does the Analytics Academy work?

The Analytics Academy is a great opportunity for organisations to discover how the analysis of data can benefit them. Since NGO’s and social organisations are usually not able to obtain high-quality advice based on data analyses, we create that ability! On the other hand, we offer econometrics students the opportunity to engage socially as well as to enhance their data-consultancy skills. 

Moreover, trainings of leading consultancy firms facilitate a comprehensive development process for our students. In this matter, the interests of non-profits and students are brought together and a win-win situation is created!

What does the Analytics Academy do?

During a period of 10 weeks, the most dedicated and enthusiastic students engage in a project for a non-profit organization. The project round kicks off with the Kick-off, in which the partner organizations pitch their project, to encourage students to sign up for their specific project. At the end of the project, the student-analysts pitch their findings to the organisation at the Kick-out.

Furthermore, they form a constructive advice based on the data analyses.

Practical information

  • Each project group consists of 4 motivated students, who each work 4-6 hours per week for the client. Each group has 1 senior analyst, who acts as chairman and contact person to the partner organization. These senior analysts either have experience in the field of independent research, or have done a project for the Analytics Academy before.
  • There are two project rounds per year; the first from September to December, the second from February to June. In general, the analysts will tackle the issue of the organization within 10 weeks.
  • The costs for participation for organisations are EUR 250 excl. VAT/BTW.

Examples of completed projects:

  • A project for Paradiso, in which the relationship between type of drink sale and type of event has been investigated in order to be able to purchase and offer optimally.
  • Project for the Ambulance IJsselland, where the travel time from an ambulance to an accident has been shortened.
  • Project for Stadschouwburg Amsterdam, which is given the ability to generate extra income and search specifically for new members with the help of ticket price optimization and member analysis.

Interested to become a partner organisation of the Analytics Academy? We are pleased to invite your organisation to discuss the possibilities! 

For more information and/or questions please contact us via