You can become active in the Analytics Academy in two different ways.

1) By participating as an analyst, you can develop yourself in a way that complements your studies. You will get in touch with cultural institutions and non-profit organisations, for which you will solve a current issue with real data. Besides, all analysts get trainings by commercial partners of the VSAE to support them in their analysis. For more info, see trainings. If you are interested in becoming a Analytics Academy analyst, visit the kick-off on September 9th 2019, where all projects of the fall 2019 round will be announced. To apply, either sign up via this link, or send an e-mail with a short motivation to before Thursday September 12th 2019 15h00.

2) The second way to become active is by joining the Executive Committee of the Analytics Academy. This committee is formed every June and is responsible for organising two project rounds, one each semester of the following academic year. For more information you can send an e-mail to