Impact Projects

In the spring of 2024, new groups consisting of four students will start working on a project commissioned by their client. All teams need various skills like a data analyst, a creative mind, someone who talks a good game or a thinker, so there is an analyst in everyone. During the various stages of the projects, three different trainings are offered to support the teams; Data Pre-processing, Python, and Pitching training In addition, you will meet regularly with all the teams together to have a closer look at the opportunities and progress of each project. In this way we want to offer the analysts the opportunity to get the most out of the project and provide insight in the other projects. The project round will be completed with a kick-out to present all findings to the clients and to fellow students.

Projects for the spring 2024 round: 

Will be announced here later

Previous projects


PAX is the largest peace organization in the Netherlands. We work on protecting civilians from war violence, ending armed conflicts, and building inclusive peace. We do this in conflict areas worldwide, in collaboration with local partners and people who, like us, believe that everyone has the right to a dignified life in a peaceful society.

InstockMarket is the first B2B marketplace for rescued foods. We connect food surplus and imperfect produce with chefs and the hospitality industry. So far we have saved 1.3 million kgs of food in our Food Rescue Center in Amsterdam! However, we face a challenge in deciding on the volume of incoming waste streams and making informed decisions on their acceptance or rejection. To address this issue, InstockMarket is in need of an acceptance model/tool that can accurately and efficiently assess incoming waste streams and propose the acceptance or rejection of each stream (or the amount of acceptance).

Het Potentieel Pakken
Het Potentieel Pakken is a non profit organisation founded in 2019. Their mission is to solve inefficiencies in the Dutch labour market by identifying underutilised potential. The project will be mainly focused on which factors influence an employees' interest to extend their contracts size, and other possible correlation within our dataset (~4700 employees in the Dutch healthcare). 

Artsen Zonder Grenzen (Doctors Without Borders)   
Help provide medical care abroad and more recently in the refugee camp in the Netherlands

Centraal Bureau voor de Statistiek (Central Bureau for Statistics) (Bachelor's Thesis project)
Statistics Netherlands (CBS) is an innovative knowledge institution established in 1899. The main role of CBS is in response to the need for independent and reliable information that advances the understanding of social issues. As the national statistical office, CBS provides reliable statistical information and data to produce insight into social issues, thus supporting the public debate, policy development and decision-making while contributing to prosperity, well-being and democracy.

Fonds Slachtofferhulp (Fund Victim Support)
Slachtofferhulp Nederland helps people suffering from crimes, traffic accidents, and calamities. They offer emotional support as well as support in the criminal processes. Moreover, they help with getting compensation for the damage. 

Vrijwilligerscentrale Amsterdam (VCA)
VCA supports the volunteer work across Amsterdam. Their passion is to help out people from all walks of life. Together you will have a closer look on the impact of VCA on Amsterdam. Do you contribute to a better Amsterdam? The available data consists of registrations from mediations between volunteers and job vacancies. 

Hockeyclub A.M.H.C. Rood-Wit
Rood-Wit is one of the oldest hockey associations of the Netherlands. The competition in their league is huge. In order to outrank everyone else, they want to improve their game by means of sports analysis. Can you help take this team to the championship? Their data consists of motion trackings of each player from the last 22 matches. This could be a ground-breaking analysis for the Dutch hockey.

ROC Horizon College
The Horizon College offers education to people without an initial qualification. They need your help to explore the characteristics of the different students and find out which students finish their school succesfully. Are you able to improve the future education. With this unique data set consisting of performance and background data, this will be a unique opportunity.

SPUI25 builds a bridge between the academic world, the society and the practice of culture. What is their audience and what do they think of their visit. This will be a creative research for data and data strategies. Together with SPUI25 you are expanding their audience research and set up a new research. 

Ambulance service RAV IJselland (Bachelor's thesis project)
The target of the RAV rescuers is to reach every emergency call within their target of 15 minutes. Minutes can mean life or death. Are you interested in exploring various factors and in addition writing your Bachelor's thesis on this subject. A data set consisting of 10,000 emergency calls will mean the difference between life and death.