During the Kick-off of the Analytics Academy of last Monday night, this round’s impact projects were presented. Have you ever wondered what it is like to apply your theoretical knowledge to real data for a non-profit organisation and in the meantime, develop your data-science skills? Then the Analytics Academy is the perfect opportunity for you! All the projects are available for both Dutch and international students. The following organisations are part of the upcoming project round:

The Dutch Heart Foundation
The main mission of The Dutch Heart Foundation is to defeat cardiovascular disease. In order to realise this mission, The Dutch Heart Foundation depends on volunteers and donors to raise millions of euros to fund essential research. Unfortunately, there has been a negative balance between the entry and exit of donors for the past couple of years. Since winning back former donors is crucial, approximately 12.000 ex-donors are approached each year with the question whether or not they are willing to provide structural support for the Heart foundation again. Since this approach is costly and very ineffective, a score model can contribute to a more successful campaign in which the selection of potential donors becomes better. As an analyst for the Dutch Heart Foundation, you will get the chance to develop such a score model!

KWF (Dutch Cancer Society)
The mission of the Dutch Cancer Society is threefold: less cancer, more cures and a better quality of life for (former) cancer patients. The Dutch Cancer Society is the largest health fund in the Netherlands with their 1.000.000 donors and 100.000 volunteers. These donors and volunteers are active within several different platforms of the Dutch Cancer Society. All these platform use different techniques to attract donations. It is your job to analyse the factors that affect the giving behaviour of donors and consequently, the donation revenue. Different donation propositions will cause different frequencies and values of the donations that are given. Within this project, you will get to work with neuromarketing techniques.

Oxfam Novib
Oxfam Novib defeats poverty and tackles injustice. For everyone to be able to build an independent existence, is the objective. In order to achieve this objective, Oxfam operates from all over the world. Of course, donations are needed. Within the project for Oxfam Novib you as an analyst will get to work with donations from private donors. Which factors influence the successful donations? And which ones the bad donors? You will get to work with approximately 90.000 recruited relations over the past 5 years. This dataset contains characteristics of the donor, the enrollment, the donation, the possible upgrade attempt and information regarding other financial support beside the structural donation.

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