Startup Event

The VSAE unites young, quantitative-minded and intelligent individuals, who possess various
mathematical and analytical skills and furthermore would like to apply these skills in the
professional field during or after their studies. On one hand, we see that
econometrics students show more and more interest in young and fast-growing companies.
This, in combination with the freedom and responsibility of working for a startup could lead
to more personal development and a wonderful experience. On the other hand, we also see
that more and more econometric and actuarial work is demanded by startups. To unite
these startups and the students, the Startup Event is organized on June 5th 2023. During this event the
students and startups can get in touch with each other in an informal way.
How is it like to work in a startup? What kind of tasks do you perform? But as well: What can
an econometrician do in the different startups? And: What kind of skills do you need and
learn while working in a startup? All of this and more can be discovered during the Startup

The event will begin with an opening speech from us as a committee as well as an
introductory speaker who has a lot of experience in the world of startups. Subsequently,
every startup pitches about 5 minutes about their company and concept of business. Our
aim is to offer a wide range of startups, varying from Fintech companies to companies
specialized in AI.

After these pitches, during the speed date rounds, students will be put in groups of 5 or 6
persons and will be able to ask interesting questions as well as pitch themselves to the
presenters while learning more about that particular startup. To finalize the event there will
be food and drinks, and while enjoying them we will discuss everything else what wasn’t
part of the event, but can’t be skipped.

Examples of companies who joined in one of the previous events:

  • Bunq
  • Picnic
  • Bloomon
  • Brightcape
  • Building Blocks
  • Whale
  • Vive
  • Adgoji