Unfortunately, all activities of the learning academy are in Dutch, because this is most convenient for our clients. If you do want to participate in a specific event, you can mail to and we can discuss the possibilities. 
If you speak Dutch and just happen to be on the English website, please look at the Dutch website for up to date information.

You can participate in different ways within the Learning Academy. By becoming an active participant, you will develop yourself in a different way compared to the development during your studies. You will get in contact with cultural institutions and non-profit organizations for whom you solve a quantitative issue. 

At the start of each new academic year, the Executive Committee of the Learning Academy is set up. This committee is responsible for starting a new project round in the second semester. During this project round, students can work as an analyst for one of the projects.

Analysts pool

Students from the analyst pool will work in teams for one of the projects. You will solve an complex data issue at the request of the client. Part of this process is determing the research question, developing the research plan, analyzing and visualizing data and presenting the results to the management of the client. 

As an analyst of the Learning Academy you bundle your quantitative abilities with the skills from the Academy and then put them into practice. You can participate in structural training courses from leading strategy consultants, innovative data start-ups, actors, think-thanks and more. In addition, you construct data driven strategies for charities and cultural institutions in Amsterdam and you are part of a network of innovative professionals and students.

A team of 3 to 4 analysts is connected to each project. One of these analysts is the Senior Analyst and ensures that everything runs smoothly within the project. This person assumes the role of chairman within the team. During 10 to 12 weeks in the second semester, the team deals with the customer's issue and tries to help them as well as possible.