Training and self development

Our partners have some of the most inspiring and relevant intellectual property and are willing to educate you during your time at the university. As part of the Academy, our partners will give exclusive trainings from various fields. Together, these trainings will make sure that a strong basis of skills is taught that are essential in a succesful entrance and continuation in the professional world. 

Since these trainings are done by some of the world's best-known firms and all (future) employers of econometricians, its relevance is guaranteerd. The skill set that the Academy is built around will be constantly updated and expanded, dependent on the needs of a modern world. 

Future trainings

15 March 2018 Bain & Company Project structuring
2018 - week 15 PwC Excel
2018 - week 20 MIcompany Data visualisation
2018 - week 23 Focus Orange Presentation

Previous trainings

8 March 2017 PwC Cooperation and leadership
12 April 2017 Belastingdienst Excel
12 May 2017 MIcompany Pyramid Principle (presentation structuring)
15 June 2017 Bright Cape Data visualisation