Coffee Committee

About the Coffee Committee

The idea of the Coffee Committee is that you as a VSAE member can grab a coffee (or other beverage) with a member of the committee. You can have this drink in a cafe, during a walk or any other way you would like. During the drink you can talk about struggles you may have with your studies, social life or anything else in life. But if you just want some company you are also more than welcome to have a drink with a committee member. Obviously you can also (video)call, chat or meet up in any way you want. It is all up to you!

Below you can find some information about every member of the Coffee Committee. You can plan something by sending a text to the committee member you want to have a chat with.

Important: your appointment and anything you discuss with a committee member will remain confidential.

Get to know the committee


Hi, my name is Lobke, I'm 19 years old and I'm a third year econometrics student. In my free time you can often find me in the pool or on my bike.

I'm an active person: there's a lot of different things I like and I'm always busy. Because I like to do so much, I have often struggled with stress. I've gotten better at managing this, and I would love to share my tips and tricks to help others. Besides that I care a lot about the people around me, and I think it is important that people feel safe and comfortable.

If you're struggling with anything or just want to have a chat, you can always text or call me so we can meet up :)

Contact information : +31 6 27 42 37 60


Hi! My name is Selma and I'm currently the Internal Affairs of the board. This means that I meet people for coffee on a regular basis so it's not unusual to see me talking to a member in a café. I also see a lot of different people so I think I'm quite an approachable person, even if you're a bit on the shyer side!

I mostly spend my free time with friends, but when I'm by myself I also like cooking, sports and playing music. I'm generally open to new experiences and I like trying different things, so I'm sure we have at least one hobby in common! I'm originally from Finland (which is a beautiful country, don't get me wrong) but where mental health issues are unfortunately quite common. This means that whatever you're struggling with I know that you're not alone. I've also had periods when I've struggled myself so I hope I can provide a very understanding listening ear.

If you ever want to talk, call, or text you can reach me at the number below.

Contact information: +358 44 321 39 31


Hi, my name is Esmée, I'm 20 years old and I'm in the third year of my bachelor in Econometrics. In my free time I like to meet with friends, ad besides that I like to work out and bake.

I'm a listening ear, so if you need somebody to listen to you, send me a message. Then we can plan something :)

Contact information: +31 6 15 10 02 04


Hihi, my name is Sven, I'm 19 years old and I'm in the second year of my bachelors in Econometrics. I am also doing a board year at the VSAE currently. In my free time I like to work out, meet with my friends or watch soccer. Furthermore, I always like to meet new people and have a chat!

In my student life I like to drink a beer with my friends or watch some Netflix on the couch. For a while I had issues with the balance between studying and my social life. So if you struggle with this yourselves or if there is something else that you're struggling with you can always reach me at the phonenumber below.

Contact information: +31 6 46 71 04 56


Hi, I'm Coen, 23 years old and finishing up my bachelor's degree. No board for me, but I am part of this committee as I'm really interested in psychology and enjoy to connect with people. But foremost, because I want to help people feel better.

My connection to mental health mainly stems from a traumatic brain injury I suffered 5 years ago. This accident has had significant impact on my life, leading to physical, cognitive and social challenges of some of which I still face today. I have made the mistake of trying to handle everything myself, even if you’re able to do so, being heard and gaining an outside perspective is always helpful. That’s also why I’d be more than willing to use/share my experiences to help others who are struggling. 

Moreover, I'm passionate about sports (especially football) and food/cooking. Also I like to read and play games. So hit me up if you're feeling down and just want to chat or have a laugh.

In either case, I'm here to listen to you. For now, take care.

Contact information: +31 6 39 10 06 57