Books and stationery

Book sale

As member of the VSAE you receive discounts on all your books for every course! 

The book sale is a cooperation with the Sefa (Study Association for Economics & Business), this means VSAE members get discount at the webshop via MyVSAE. 

Please note: You only need a VSAE membership to be eligible for the discount.

1) Click on the link

2) Select your year

3) Click on the books you want to buy

4) Click "I am already a member". You are a VSAE member so you don't need to be a Sefa member to receive discount.

5) You have to make an account once. You can use this account to order books again. After this you have to fill in some info for the delivery.

Click here to buy books

Second hand textbooks can also be purchased on the VSAE website, and it is also worth asking second year students you meet when you arrive if they have one you can buy or borrow. It is sometimes possible to find pdf copies of textbooks, which will often reduce your spend on textbooks throughout the year.

Stationary supplies

For stationery supplies there are a number of different stores that you can get these from, however Action is particularly cheap and (depending on your commitment to note-taking and practising) you can expect to get through 10-30 notebooks / workbooks throughout the year. Also, have a look in the VSAE member room. There are often some notebooks, pens or other stationery available for you.