Educational Program Committee for AEO

If you ever have tips or comments about the Educational Program, you can get in touch with the Educational Program Committee (OC) for AEO (

What is the Educational Program Committee?

The goal of the OC is to make sure the high quality of our educational program is maintained. The OC, for example, advices the education- and examination regulations and how they are implemented. They also provide the course evaluations that are distributed at the end of every course and where you are able to give your opinion on the  course, both its content as well as the quality of the education. 

How does the Educational Program Committee work?

The OC has a 50/50 build up between students and teachers. Because of this framework, students have ample opportunity to give their opinions and truly participate in the development of our educational program. The students are picked in order to make sure every aspect of our program is represented. 

What can the Educational Program Committee do for you?

The OC is an advisor for the entire educational program at the faculty. Part of this role means that the OC can advise the Director of Education and enquire his or her explanation on certain matters. This also holds for the university’s student advisors and teachers. Furthermore, problems with the IT structure of the university, for instance when enrolling for courses, can be reported at the OC. 

When a student has comments on the content of a course, the OC will assist you with making sure your voice is heard by the relevant people. All in all, the OC makes sure our educational program is constantly scrutinized and upgraded!