Introduction Days

Dear incoming freshman Actuarial Science, Econometrics, or Business Analytics,

Are you starting Actuarial Sciences or Econometrics next year? Join us and meet your new fellow students before classes start! These days are the perfect opportunity to take a first step towards a new chapter in your life as a student and mostly: enjoy the last days of your holiday. This year the Introduction Days will take place from the 23rd until the 25th of August 2021.

Why should you join the Introduction Days?

We still have a long summer ahead of us, but before you know it it will be September and you'll have started as a student econometrics, operational reseach or actuarial science at the University of Amsterdam. But before you start your new student life, the VSAE organises the Introduction Days to end a beautiful summer. This year we travel to a lovely town called Ommen.

You don’t want to miss these awesome days. Apart from the fact that you can enjoy your holidays for another three days, you will meet your fellow students in a relaxing atmosphere. During these days we break the ice between you all and that is exactly how you want to start off the year!

In other words, joining us to Ommen is the best and most fun way to start the year. From previous years it has turned out that a lot of students actually became friends and had great times with each other afterwards. Consequently, the Introduction Days were the main topic of conversation during the lectures in the first weeks.

We are convinced that these coming days will be unforgettable and we are very much looking forward to see you all in Ommen!

The Introduction Days cost only €20,-, combined with a membership for the VSAE of €20,- for 4 years. As a member, you will get discount on all college books and free drinks at our monthly drinks!

Of course, we will take corona meassurements into account. That's why we set the limit to 54 persons this year. We work with a first-come-first-serve system. So make sure you sign up on time!

Registration works as follows:

1. To take part in the VSAE Introduction Days, you first need to become a member of the VSAE. Go to the page Membership, fill in your information and press send. 

2. Please note! Logging in with your e-mail and password is not yet possible. Within 24 hours, you account will be activated and you will receive an e-mail with confirmation. From then on, you can log in on the VSAE website at My VSAE with your e-mail and password.

3. Go to My VSAE, then to Activity Registration, and then to VSAE Intoduction Days. Register for the event.

4. You are now registered! You will receive an email with confirmation. Furthermore, you will get a friend request on Facebook from Board VSAE. We will invite you to the Facebook event of the VSAE Introduction Days, with which we will keep you updated. If your Facebook account is protected, you can send her an friend request yourself. 

Should the Introduction Days be full, you will be placed on a reserve list. You will get a message as soon as a spot opens up.

If you have any trouble with you registration, or have any other questions, you can call us on 06 12085010 or send an e-mail to