VSAE Study assistance

For a few courses in the first year of the bachelor's, the VSAE facilitates study assistance. These classes are provided by senior AEO students. These teachers accompany a group of 6 to 12 freshmen in Mathematics 1, Mathematics 2, Probability and Statistics 1 and Probability and Statistics 2. This guidance takes place in the weeks 2 to 7 for two hours each week. Besides you can also ask your senior student questions outside these tutoring classes. The costs for the VSAE study assistance are €40 per course.

Individual tutoring

Besides the VSAE study assistance, it is also possible to take individual tutoring. Via the VSAE, you can get in touch with senior students who want to teach you individually. You can take individual classes while participating in the VSAE study assistance, but this is not necessary.

Contact us whenever you are interested. Send your request to studiebegeleiding@vsae.nl. We will look for a suitable tutor for you in that case.


We collaborated with FBSB for all the subjects and corresponding resits for which we do not organise group tutoring. Our partner organises a course called 12-courses for challenging subjects. In 12 hours (divided over multiple weeks) the entire course repertoire is covered in a small group (3 – 5 students) or in a large group (6 – 8 students). The tutors of FBSB have professional experience in teaching; you may have even met them during one of the AEO tutorials.

FBSB also offers group tutoring and individual tutoring. Decide your own schedule and group composition (FBSB advises you to optimise your tutoring schedule) to offer yourself and your fellow students a solution when you face challenges during the weeks prior to exams.

By entering the code FBSBVSAE2018@7%2##1 you will pay the partner prices as a VSAE member.