Tutoring via our partner FBSB

FBSB offers study counseling for all subjects of the AE programme. For the most difficult subjects of the training, they organize group tutoring, better known as 12-courses. In a group of 6-12 students, all material is covered in 12 hours over several weeks. The Personal Tutors of FBSB have demonstrable experience in teaching and many Personal Tutors also work as tutorial lecturers at the FEB. In addition to the 12 courses, FBSB offers tailor-made individual coaching. Of course you can also put together a group yourself, where you determine the frequency of the lessons and the group size. This way you also have a solution if you threaten to get into trouble with some fellow students two weeks before the exam. By redeeming the VSAE discount code, you as a VSAE member pay their cheaper partner rates: € 9.90/hour instead of € 11.95/hour. As a VSAE student, you are eligible for the extra discount for 12 courses of first-year courses and you only pay € 8.30/hour after using the same discount code. The entire offer can be found on the FBSB website. The discount code can be found under 'my VSAE'. By the way, you can always participate in the free group lesson for Mathematics 1.

Thesis guidance
In addition, FBSB offers different forms of thesis help. You can choose for a single consult if you get stuck on a specific subject. When you want more intensive guidance you can take a package of multiple consults during a longer period. With a Final Check you will get feedback on your complete thesis so you can correct the last mistakes and process additional feedback.

For more information: www.fbsb.nl