Tutoring via our partner FBSB

FBSB offers tutoring services for all the subjects of our study. For the more challenging subjects they organize group lessons, better known as 12-courses. In these 12-courses, all relevant material will be covered in a small (4-6 students) or large (7-10 students) group during 12 hours. All the Personal Tutors working at FBSB have plenty of experience in teaching and most of them work at the FEB as a teaching assistant. Besides the 12-courses, FBSB offers individual tutoring, which can be planned completely at your own schedule. If you want to take tutoring with your fellow students, you can compose your own group and choose your own group size and amount of lessons. In this way you have a solution when you and your friends might get in trouble two weeks before your exams. By filling in the coupon code that you can find in "My VSAE' you activate the partner tariff for VSAE students. On all the first year 12-courses you will receive another 25%. This coupon code can be found in 'My VSAE'. On top of that, FBSB offers free trial lessons for Mathematics 1.

Thesis guidance
In addition, FBSB offers different forms of thesis help. You can choose for a single consult if you get stuck on a specific subject. When you want more intensive guidance you can take a package of multiple consults during a longer period. With a Final Check you will get feedback on your complete thesis so you can correct the last mistakes and process additional feedback.

For more information: www.fbsb.nl