What is AE BAN?

The VSAE is the association for Actuarial Science, Econometrics and Business Analytics students at the University of Amsterdam. But what do these studies entail?

Actuarial Science

Should a heavy smoker pay more for health insurance than a non-smoker? What about people with genetic diseases – should they pay more? Actuaries estimate complex financial risks regarding financial and economic crises, fire or earthquake damage, population ageing, mortality etc. So, are you good with figures and complex issues? If so, Actuarial Science is definitely the programme for you, and Amsterdam is definitely the city for you!

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Some interesting things for Actuarial Science can be found on the website of the Royal Dutch Actuarial AssociationThe Institue of Actuaries and the Society of Actuaries.


How many people leave their car at home more often when fuel excise duty increases? What is the effect of interest-rate changes by the central bank on growth and inflation? Those are the issues that econometrists deal with. An operational researcher looks for mathematical solutions for queues in call centres and supermarkets, for example. You capture econometric realities in mathematical models. Do you want to learn how this analysis translates into economic policy? If so, you should study Econometrics in Amsterdam.

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Some interesting things for Econometrics can be found on the website of Statistics NetherlandsEconometrie.nl and Tinbergen Institute.

Business Analytics

What is the most efficient way to run trains? Can you use data to predict whether a tumor is benign or malignant? In Business Analytics you learn how organizations can solve complex issues through the use of mathematical models. During your studies you lay a solid mathematical foundation that is necessary for data analysis. In addition, you do a lot of programming and you also take business administration courses to broaden your knowledge. Are you good at math, do you like programming and are you interested in improving organizations? Then Business Analytics is for you!

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