To celebrate (the end of) their board year, the VSAE Board 2021 will host a VrijMiBo (Friday Afternoon Borrel) on the very last day of their board term.

On Friday the 4th of February, starting at 16:00, we invite all VSAE members to have a final borrel with us as a board.

The location and other specifics will be announced later.

Due to the current COVID restrictions, we unfortunately have a limited number of spots. Therefore signing up for the VrijMiBo will be needed.

The applications will open on Friday the 28th of January at 12:00.
If you want to secure your spot, make sure to sign up on time!

Be aware that you will need a valid QR-code to be able to attend this VrijMiBo. Without a 'Corona Toegangs Bewijs' (CTB) you are not allowed in.

We hope to see you all on Friday the 4th of February!