Dear members,

When celebrating a five year anniversary the term “Lustrum” may be applied. This Latin term originates from ancient Rome and found its way to our time through religion and tradition. Whilst we all know religion is not really one of the main focus points of the VSAE we all have a great appreciation for our beloved traditions, traditions that have kept the VSAE together, and have helped you all grow strong and great friendships that will last for the rest of your lives. 

The 11th Lustrum of the VSAE will take place in May, and since the beginning of last year we have been working around the clock to make the week of the 7th to the 11th one of the best weeks of your lifetime. We will take you on a wonderful journey and set course for a week full of memories. 

As you all may know a party is not complete without a theme, a theme great enough to bring a sense of structure and togetherness in a week of chaos and being lost. This year's theme will be a Dutch word. Koers. A powerful word with lots of different interpretations and a lot of meaning for the study association whose transition you all have been witnessing in recent times. The shift from Dutch to English, from theoretical to practical, with more members than ever and even more committees and events to make sure everybody is satisfied. 

"A powerful word with lots of different interpretations and a lot of meaning for the study association whose transition you all have been witnessing in recent times."

Let us explain why we know the word koers would be the perfect theme. In Dutch it stands for a game of speed. The high speed game you call studying. It is over before you know it and everybody wants to win. Sooner rather than later it will be over and we will make sure you will have a wonderful time to look back on. Koers also refers to the way the stock market moves. We do not think we need to explain why we have added that interpretation. 

But the most important translation is course, the direction you are all going. Together or as an individual. Right now or after your years as an student at the University of Amsterdam. The VSAE will always be there to guide you, helping you with your course, and in return, you helping with hers. 

That is why VSAE wants to thank you for your years of support for the association you all helped to form into the wonderful entity it has become. We are looking forward to seeing you all next May and toast to the good things that you have brought us.