Day by day we’ve been working our asses of to make sure that you will and shall have the best week of your studying era. We’ve achieved wonders and will get everybody together in a spectacular and magical way. Surely you’ve seen our Facebook page filled with pictures, memes and movies about the coming activities. But we know that you as a university student are always hungry for more knowledge. Therefore we created this amazing website so you can read all information available and be sure to know all there is to know.

So what are you waiting for?! Check out what we’ve got in store for you in the pages below!

We start the first day with a BANG. Always wanted to be like Leonardo and Kate from The Titanic or behave like perfect couples of 2 dancing around Noah’s Arc? Then we’ve got the perfect event for you! We’re setting sail for a unforgettable party with unlimited alcohol, good people and even better music. Always dreamed of jumping aboard last minute? Well you may, but for the people that like to walk aboard: we leave at 21:30 from a pier behind Amsterdam Central Station. From there on we leave for a 4 hour boat trip on which we’ll show you the most beautiful parts of the Amsterdam Rijnkanaal! Don’t forget to bring your life-vests and remember what a wise man once said: This will be the day that you’ll always remember, as the day you almost caught captain Jack Sparrow.

On a semi serious note:
Remember that one time you went to Prague with the VSAE? Or that drink you drank while finally stepping up to that girl you always wanted to talk to at one of the drinks?
While you may think that it was you who created all these opportunities for yourself, you actually didn’t. Every bite, drink, trip or dance you do at one of the many events your beloved association hosts for you is sponsored. These companies invest in you so you can be a better and more relaxed version of yourself and develop yourself in more ways than you could possibly imagine. Creating friends for life and starting your career may seem like two completely different things, but this is far from true. We want you to understand what we’re trying to tell you here. That’s why we came up with the activity that doesn’t just involve you and your friends. But also the people that made everything possible for you. We invite you all to join us and show your gratefulness to them by drinking a beer with them, while beating them in a game of beach volleyball.
You’re all invited to Bij Storm at around 16:00 hour.

Let’s drink one on them, together with them!

No association is complete without its supporting members. And we surely haven’t forgotten about our Golden Oldies. You are the ones who supported the association for many years and made it into the entity we know today. To everybody who graduated in the last 5 years and everybody before that we say: Thank You.

Our alumni night will be our thank you gift for your years of service and will feature everything you always longed for in a typical VSAE night. We’ll serve you the most exotic beers and a nice bite to go with it. The 90’s and 00’s hits will once again make you want to dance until the evening is over and your Uber driver needs to come and get you.

We know you have high standards after all these years with your beloved association and we’re trying to live up to them all. Join us once more for a spectacular evening and bring everyone you know!

You all are more than welcome at Roest at 18:00 o’clock sharp!
Let’s make this a night to remember.

So no one told you life was gonna be this way
Your job's a joke, you're broke
Your love life's D.O.A
It's like you're always stuck in second gear
When it hasn't been your day, your week, your month
Or even your year, but

You’ve got friends. Right? Bring them!

Thursday will be about showing your friends that econometrics isn’t boring. That you aren’t spending all these hours in the library on your own. That the drinks you go to involve real drinking and that the girls and boys are actually really pretty and handsome. We invite you to a land of wonders called Thuishaven. Here we will host multiple DJ’s, lots of activities, food and drinks. We welcome you here at 14:00 hour until the early morning. The more the merrier. Everybody is welcome, just make sure they’re over 18!

Let’s spread the VSAE love!