Opening party boat

To kick off our amazing 12th lustrum, we’ll have an amazing opening party! Make sure you study your sea shanties because for this party we’ll be on a boat! 

The boat will arrive at Steiger 14, central station, at 20:00. There you will be welcomed with an opening drink (we promise it will be something nicer than Absolut Vodka this time) and you can enter the boat. We will depart at 21:00 so make sure you’re on time because this is a boat you don’t want to miss!

After we depart, the party will really break loose. There’s a huge budget for beer and wine so everyone can knock themselves out in proper VSAE fashion. This will of course also be accompanied by a lovely DJ and that lovely boat vibe. 

We will arrive back at central station at 1:00, after which you can dive into the Amsterdam nightlife (or try to save some energy for the rest of the week). This is a party you definitely won’t want to miss so make sure you buy your tickets now!

Friends Festival Day

Thursday afternoon it is time for the VSAE lustrum festival day. On this spectacular day you will be able to celebrate the VSAE lustrum with all of your friends. Show your friends how much fun the VSAE can be despite the prejudice that the study may have. 

The festival will take place at IJland, a hidden gem tucked away behind the northern banks of the IJ river. Dance the day away as the sun sets behind the Western Docklands skyline.

There will be multiple DJ’s, lots of activities, food and ofcourse drinks. We welcome you at 17:00. The more the merrier, so invite as many friends as you like!

You really don’t want to miss this amazing event, so make sure you buy a ticket if you haven’t already!


Finally it is time for our first events announcements of the 2023 VSAE Lustrum Week!

To keep the suspense for the beginning of the week, we will start by revealing the final event of the week! We will be closing of our amazing Lustrum Week by means of our VSAE Lustrum Gala.

On Friday the 12th of May, we will be heading to ‘Kasteel de Berckt’ in Baarlo, Limburg. Here we will enjoy ourselves during a fancy, luxurious stay – including overnight stay! - at one of the most beautiful castles of the Netherlands! What a way to conclude our fantastic 2023 VSAE Lustrum Week!

The reception of the Gala will be in between 17:00 and 18:00, where everybody will be welcomed with a refreshing welcome drink and some borrel snacks.
Next up, a delicious 3-course dinner – including hilarious speeches and lots of wine – will be served in the atmospheric dining hall.

Once everyone has finished eating, it is time to get ready for the most epic celebration of the week. Unlimited supply of beers, wine, and mixed drinks will lay a solid foundation for an unforgettable evening where we will party and dance until the sun comes up again. Together with an exciting line-up of several DJ’s, this will be the night that takes you to an absolute highlight of the week (even year) with your best study friends or date.

After the last and fiercest party people also have made an end to their night, everybody will be invited to join Kasteel De Berckt’s well known ‘hangover breakfast’. Once you have successfully worked some food back in (or in some cases out), it is unfortunately time to head back to Amsterdam with all amazing memories of the Lustrum Week!

We will also have tickets available for non-VSAE’ers, this ticket sale will be opened later!