Actuariaatcongres 2018

Roeben Babadzjanjan, Jeroen Breen
26 maart 2018


Report on the Actuariaatcongres 2018 by Roeben Babadzjanjan, chairman of the Actuariaatcongres committee 2018

It is 7 am. While most participants of the congress have only just woken up, the committee members were already busy starting up the Royal Tropical Institute. Badges, notebooks, pens etc. Apart from the preparations on the day itself, the committee of the Actuariaatcongres 2018 has of course already had a year filled with meetings and brainstorm sessions leading up to this wonderful day. The first participants came in at 08:15 and from 08:45 it was rush hour with participants, students and lecturers. I got courage from my committee members and opened the day on stage in a beautiful lecture hall, after which our host, Jeroen Breen, took over. Our theme, “New meets old”, was a nice and broad theme and therefore very accessible to be approached from various points of view.


Looking back with Jeroen Breen, chairman of the Actuariaatcongres 2018.

After a year of hard work on the preparations, March 6 finally marked the day of the annual congress of VSAE, the Actuariaatcongres 2018. The committee led by Roeben Babadzjanjan can be proud of their performance. With a beautiful theme, a very nice turnout, a super location (Tropenmuseum) and an interesting program, it promised to be a beautiful day. The theme for this year "New meets old" was picked up well by all speakers and translated into their own environment. The digital world, PensioenLab, solidarity, leadership, generation gap, culture and data science, just a few topics that came along during the congress. What emerged very well during the day was that the actuarial playing field is subject to serious change and that you - as an individual - are director of your own future that can lie within the actuarial domain, but certainly also outside. The fear of losing our job is present in many - also outside our sector. Moving along and continuing to develop yourself as an actuary and as an actuator will ensure that this fear will prove to be unjustified. Have fun out there!


After Jeroen had opened the congress in a highly skilled way, Michel Vellekoop (UvA) started the plenary sessions. In his lecture, he gave examples of new developments in risk management where he thought an actuarial view was essential. After him, it was Cees Krijgsman’s (Riskco) turn to speak. In his lecture on the digital world, he discussed the dangers and the challenges of thinking too much in terms of spreadsheets and calculations. A short coffee break followed, but when the participants had their share of caffeine and cookies, Jonas Teuwen gave us the ins and outs of PensioenLab, an organisation that places young people on pension related projects. Peter Hoogveld and Wichert Hoekert (Willis Towers Watson) presented the last plenary session and lectured us about solidarity in the technological revolution. Their presentation was very interactive, as they used Menti to obtain information from the crowd, where Teska gracefully assisted from behind the scenes.

After a healthy lunch, it was time to split the audience into four groups for the interactive sessions. Among others, Rajish Sagoenie (Milliman) explained how personal leadership could help the actuary; Ruud Kleynen (Hi There) informed us about the implementation of his digital insurer; and Evelien Vlastuin, Sophie Kemps, and Helen Stijnen (who replaced Jeroen Gielen, because his wife had given birth to their daughter two days prior) discussed culture within the actuarial science and whether it is woolly or not.

We ended the day with a game show, where we did not have one winner, but three! At the formal closing, we had a special surprise. A new logo. This way, the committee gave a nod to the theme “New meets old”. Of course, there was the borrel. With many delicious bitterballen! It was truly a wonderful day and the new committee will try their best to organise yet another amazing congress. To get to know more about the theme, the lecturers and the day itself, please check out the website

Roeben Babadzjanjan