De Beroependagen 2018 - Something for everyone

Amber van Essen
08 oktober 2018


When one visits the website of the Beroependagen, it soon becomes clear that this event is one of a kind. With the event covering two days, having more than 50 different companies present, a total of 70 activities and more than 700 visiting students, the Beroependagen have something to offer for every student member of the VSAE or FSA.

The second and third day of October the Beroependagen were taking place in the Royal Tropical Institute in Amsterdam. It was the second time that the event took place here, and it is understandable that the committee didn’t need an alternative. The Royal Tropical Institute provided an impressive, atmospheric and stately scene, in which the visiting students and companies got the chance to connect in style. After entering the building, one immediately arrived in a business fair which took place in the main hall, between the marble pillars. Even without registration, students were able to drop by and come in contact with the companies at this fair.

Students seeking to orientate themselves more also had the option of signing up for presentations. The presentations, which all took a little under an hour, were the perfect opportunity to obtain general information about companies of your interest. The presentations would typically cover what the company or organization primarily does, what kind of students they are looking for and what working there would generally be like. The variety of the companies at the business fair and presentations had as a result that the orientating student could leave with a clearer view of the environment they would like to work in, when the time comes.

For all the students that are closer to the start of their working lives, there were workshops. During the workshops, the selected participating students could get a feel for what kind of problems they would be facing while working at the company that organized the workshop. A more personal engagement was also possible, during an individual meeting, company lunch or dinner.


Regardless of which phase of your studies you’re in, the Beroependagen are organized for students with interest in finance, economics, business administration or a quantitative field of study, such as econometrics. This is a relatively broad target group, which the committee could easily handle with the diversity of the companies present. There were well-known brands like PostNL, Unilever, KLM, Shell and Albert Heijn, for everyone wondering how they would be able to contribute to services we all know well. Start-ups such as VB Advisory were present, as well as firms of a different order of magnitude like EY and Deloitte. Microsoft was also present, with the recruiter responsible for Western-Europe giving insights into the characteristics of the typical Microsoft trainee, and for the social warriors among us the Belastingdienst gave a presentation about much needed modernizations in one of the largest employers of the country.

All of this, in combination with a stand at which you could let someone check your CV, a photographer for LinkedIn photos on request, lunch, drinks, and multiple raffles, were the Beroependagen 2019. It is probably clear why you should be there next year. Unless you have already met your future employer last week, of course.