Interview Arald de Wilde | Mploy Associates

Interview Arald de Wilde | Mploy Associates

Dave 't Hart
06 juli 2020

On Wednesday 3 June, I had a very interesting conversation with Arald de Wilde. Arald is partner at Mploy Associates. Mploy Associates is a talent-focused consultancy firm in the financial industry. Arald explained to me almost everything about working at Mploy Associates and what is involved in working there. Their main focus lies on their highly advanced Talent Programs where post-master and post-PhD students can develop their skills to the maximum, while also working at high-end companies in the financial industries like ING and Nationale-Nederlanden (NN).

Hi Arald, before starting Mploy Associates, what did you study and what kind of work did you do?

Before I started working, I was just like you all a student in Amsterdam. I’ve studied what is now called Business Analytics at the Vrije Universiteit (VU). Besides studying Business Analytics, I’ve also studied Neurosciences at the VU, at a time where studying was more affordable than now.

After finishing my Masters, I ended up working at Delta Lloyd. Delta Lloyd is a life insurance company from the Netherlands. My work at Delta Lloyd involved working as an actuary/financial risk manager. It was a fun time where I participated in interesting projects and gained experience in the working field.

After working for more than 2 years at Delta Lloyd, I chose to work independently as a consultant. During this time my projects involved delivering innovative data, risk and actuarial services. After a few years, I also started to hire a few employees to work at my company. This company later merged into Mploy Associates in 2018.

For what reason did you start Mploy Associates and where does Mploy Associates stand for as a company?

During my time working as a consultant at various companies, I’ve crossed paths with a lot of people that worked there. A lot of times I saw people working with a very high potential, in my opinion. However, some of these smart and talented people didn’t develop their potential to the maximum at these companies. This was something that my business partner and I experienced while working for several years, so we thought that we could facilitate these high potentials by unfolding their potential in a better way. This will help the people kickstart their career and will also benefit our clients by hiring motivated and hardworking consultants at our firm. Our Talent Programs are our main focus and where we stand for as Mploy Associates.

What are the possibilities at Mploy Associates for master graduates?

Students that have a master’s degree in their pocket, can apply for our Young Talent Program of two years that we offer. This is an in-house traineeship for, what we consider, ‘high potentials’. You will be hired by us as a trainee at Mploy Associates. It is possible to follow one of the three tracks in data, finance or risk.

From the start, you will get to work as a consultant at one of our various clients. We have interesting projects at our clients that fit your field of interest. The trainees will gain lots of experience from working at the high-end companies that we consider as clients. For example, banks like ING and ABN AMRO or insurance companies like Nationale-Nederlanden (NN) or ASR. Trainees are in this way part of experienced teams and will unfold their high potential by working on projects that develop their skills. Besides working as a consultant at the client for four days a week, one day a week we have the in-house trainings at Mploy Associates for the trainees. During these trainings, our employees will develop their soft skills and technical skills to the maximum. For a whole day, you are with a lot of other ‘high potential’ trainees that are all very motivated to develop themselves and are all able to develop to a high level.

After a two-year traineeship at Mploy Associates, people can start working at the client or are offered a job at Mploy Associates. There are no strings attached to our traineeship concerning contractual commitments.

Every quarter of a year, people can apply for our Young Talent Program. They have to follow an application procedure during which we will try to evaluate if you will suit at Mploy Associates and if we consider you as a ‘high potential’.

What kind of work can people expect when working at Mploy Associates?

While working at Mploy Associates, our employees are assigned to projects at our clients. This can be various projects, depending on your branch of sport. For example, you can be assigned to a team that is involved in forecasting risk at insurance companies where you will be evaluating topics like, are all future expenses still covered and does the premium need to be recalculated. Another project can be concerning working at a bank. If someone asks for a loan at a bank, the bank would like to know the risk of granting credit to this person. Various models need to be made and evaluated to forecast the risk involved. For everyone, there can be found a project at one of our clients that suits you.

Besides the interesting projects and trainings that you offer as Mploy Associates, is there something else that employees value at your company?

Our employees are very motivated at Mploy Associates. This is also due to a good working atmosphere that we value highly at Mploy Associates. Furthermore, we also like to take responsibility in this world. For instance, every year our consultants carry out a couple of pro bono NGO projects. So did we recently advise War Child on their funding strategy, using some state-of-the-art forecasting methods. People like to work at our company. We also organise several events and drinks on Friday where people will get to know each other better on another level than just working together professionally.

If people are interested in working at Mploy Associates, where can they apply or find information?

People can check out our website and/or follow us on LinkedIn and Instagram. They can also contact us via these channels. See the links below.