International Study Project | Tel Aviv

This fall, the VSAE is back with the International Study Project! We are proud to announce that from the 28th of October until the 4th of November we will be visiting Tel Aviv!

During this career event, we will first have a look into the Dutch business world by having an inhouse day at a company here in the Netherlands. After this, we will be flying all the way to Tel Aviv to see what the business world is like in the Middle East. There we will visit a number of companies. Besides exploring the business world, we will have the opportunity to visit some amazing places in Tel Aviv. 

Applying for the International Study Project can be done until the 15th of September 23:59. After the applications close, our partners select students based on their CV. By the 26th of September, we will announce the lucky participants! If you have been selected, you will have 1 day to cancel your application if you want to do so. 

Some important things to keep in mind before applying

  • The costs for the trip will be €450.-. This includes your flight, stay and a few activities. You will need to pay this amount in October. 

  • You need to be a second year or higher student to apply for ISP. Furthermore, you still need to be studying/enrolled to apply for this event. 

  • When applying you need to hand in your resumé. Make sure that you have made it anonymous, without your name, age, picture etc. Also, make sure your resume is in English. 

  • To be able to go on the trip, you must attend the mandatory activities in preparation for the trip. These will take place on:

    • October 13th from 16:00 until 22:00 
    • October 19th from 14:00 until 19:00 (Inhouseday MiCompany)

Finally, the committee has been working very hard to arrange this event and it promises to be a great trip. Make sure to sign up & don’t miss out on this unique experience!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us on: