Junior Researcher

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Data Science, Research, Trading
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05 december 2017
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01 maart 2018


Can you solve this puzzle?
You have to walk from point A to point B 10 times, blindfolded. Every time before you start walking, a fair coin is tossed, and if it comes out heads, a wall in the middle is present (situation 2 in the picture), while if it comes out tails it is not (situation 1 in the picture). As you are blindfolded, you do not know if the wall is present or not.

Even though you are blindfolded, you can move in perfectly straight lines towards any point you choose. Can you give a prescription how to walk from A to B so that the total distance you cover is as small as possible? What distance do you expect to cover in those 10 walks?

Did you like this puzzle? Are you looking for bigger challenges? Do you want to use your analytical skills to solve real world problems and see the results right away? Do you enjoy writing computer programs? Then the Junior Researcher position might be a great opportunity for you!

Who we are
We are Optiver, an international trading company, headquartered in Amsterdam. With more than 700 colleagues across four continents we constantly offer fair and highly competitive prices for the buying and selling of stocks, bonds, options, futures, ETF’s et cetera. It is called ‘market making’. We build markets and provide liquidity to international exchanges in Europe, the US and Asia Pacific.

We make financial markets fair, open and reliable. We do not only trade when we feel like it. Not only when our outlook is bright, but 24 hours a day. Whichever way the markets go, we are there, always at our own risk, using our own capital. ‘Value the difference’ sums it up perfectly. It explains in a nutshell what we do every day. It also invites you to explore how we do our job differently.
We have valued that difference since 1986; the year we started on the Amsterdam based European Options Exchange with a single floor trader. Today we are one of the most dynamic, innovative and successful companies in The Netherlands and beyond.

What you’ll do
As a Junior Researcher you will work in a team with traders and researchers, right on the trading floor. You will spend your first weeks at Optiver in a structured training program to learn about options, market making and delta 1. You will then immediately start your first project, with the support of a senior researcher. Within a few months, you will play a key role in developing automated analysis programs and trading algorithms.

What you'll need

  •          academic degree with very good grades (e.g. engineering, physics, math, econometrics, computer science);
  •          programming experience in any language (C, C++, Python, Basic, JAVA, etc.);
  •          ability to apply basic concepts of probability, calculus and linear algebra;
  •          ability to carry a project on your own in a structured way within a short timeframe;
  •          competitive attitude and eagerness to constantly improve yourself;
  •          self-starting, ‘can do’ attitude;
  •          ability to learn quickly;
  •          excellent verbal and written English skills.

What you'll get

Optiver is above all a state of mind. We are looking for you when you believe in daily improvement, when you like to be seriously rewarded for your performance and when you easily adapt to change and enjoy some humour and fun. 
To be concrete, we offer you an excellent remuneration. But we also offer you great secondary benefits such as fully paid first-class commuting expenses, a premium-free pension, attractive profit sharing structure, relocation packages, training opportunities, discounts on health insurance, breakfast and lunch facilities, sports and leisure activities, Friday afternoon drinks and even weekly in-house chair massages.
We consider the Junior Researcher position to be a starting point for a motivated talent who wants to develop further within Optiver.

We are 350 highly educated professionals from over 30 different countries that work at Optiver in Amsterdam. We aim to be unrivalled in our industry, by being talented, creative and result driven. And it doesn’t matter how we dress or what we believe in, as long as we exceed our and each others expectations.

If you are ready to apply, and we hope you are, apply here for the position of Junior Researcher. Please provide us with a CV and letter of motivation in English. Applications without a letter of motivation will not be reviewed. When we think the ‘magic’ is there, you will hear from us sooner than you expect. 
If you have any questions feel free to contact the recruiter on +31 20 708 70 00.

N.B. If you are selected to proceed to the next round for the position of Junior Researcher, you will be required to take an online assessment.