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Actuarial Science, Consultancy, Risk Management
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Who are we?

PathWise allows businesses to harness high performing computing (HPC) to model financial assets, liabilities and economic scenarios with reporting, risk management, new product development, ALM studies and real time hedging activities. PathWise® is a cloud-enabled, GPU based, scalable High Performance Computing enterprise risk management solution that allows companies to access next generation technology to rapidly solve today’s key challenges such as internal capital model built, hedge strategy testing, regulatory and economic forecasting, and profit testing to price new blocks and products. Our stochastic economic scenario generators, asset & liability management, big data semi-SQL database, and strong relationship with Amazon and NVIDIA empower thousands. We serve our worldwide client base from Toronto, Seoul and Amsterdam.

What do we do?

Global clients use our extremely fast PathWise platform based on GPU’s for pricing, valuation, forecasting, hedging, ALM, non-life reserving and reporting. Key services are: creating financial models in PathWise, contributing to the development of robust processes for hedging, strategic asset allocation, scenario generator calibration and insurance company financial reporting, participating in the expansion of PathWise functionality as requested or needed by clients and developing and maintaining Economic Scenario Generators (ESGs) used in the valuation of financial assets and insurance liabilities. Examples of work include:

  • Create Python scripts to handle input & output, dynamic management information dashboards, and automation of model runs for e.g. sensitivity & movement analysis and scenario generation,
  • Develop models specific to client requirements,
  • Participate in industry, academic and internal research projects.

What are we looking for?

We continuously seek individuals who possess a deep enthusiasm for quantitative disciplines and a desire to contribute to our ambitious growth objectives. PathWise consultants stand out through their exceptional subject expertise, determination, and entrepreneurial spirit combined with strong social skills. We are interested in students who possess robust social skills and the determination to enhance their proficiency in quantitative finance, actuarial sciences, and/or data analytics, as they strive for further advancement. At PathWise you can apply for a working student or consultant position. In addition, it is also possible to write your master's thesis in our team.


Our CEO started experimenting with using GPU’s instead of CPU’s for financial modelling in 2008 and the PathWise software first appeared in 2010. Only 15 years later, PathWise has become the industry leading enterprise risk management solution with more than $750 billion of assets running though daily. This entrepreneurial spirit is still present in our teams and therefore PathWise feels more as a startup than a part of a big corporation. Within PathWise there is a sense of entrepreneurship and the determination to go for something together, contact with colleagues are informal, but at the same time we go for the best result together.

About Aon STG

PathWise is part of the Aon’s Strategy and Technology Group (STG). STG is Aon’s new global consulting and technology business focused on, but not limited to, insurance and reinsurance companies and other participants in the insurance industry. The business provides strategy consulting, technology solutions and advisory services to many of the most prestigious companies in Global (Re)insurance. We have privileged access to Aon’s proprietary data, software, and the knowledge of its global network of insurance industry experts to derive unique and compelling insights into the sources of competitive advantage in our industry.