Over CarNext

With the launch of, our aim is to disrupt the European market for high-quality used cars. This new B2B and B2C digital marketplace, powered by LeasePlan, will enable our customers to buy, lease, and subscribe to high-quality used cars in Europe. For our customers, is all about enjoying the ride: we offer the highest trust and convenience with fixed all-in prices, full maintenance history, a 14-days no question asked return guarantee and at home delivery.

With over 250,000 used cars sold every year, LeasePlan plays a major role in the large, growing €65bn used car market across many countries.  A market that is an attractive target for disruptive plays, as it demonstrates stable growth, major intransparencies, low consumer trust, and a highly fragmented landscape.

Our response to this massive opportunity is a disruptive fully digital strategy, with one unique capability at its core: The Asset Control Tower. Today algorithms developed within the Asset Control Tower help LeasePlan in setting transparent and market-competitive prices and in actively steering cars across sales channels, countries and customer segments. 

We believe the opportunities are endless. For example, predicting the car performance based on sensor data will allow for smarter repair and maintenance management.  Detailed insights on consumer behavior and needs, will allow us to extract real value for new ancillary products and services.

LeasePlan is therefore keen to strengthen its Data Analytics team with: Data Scientists,  Data Engineers and Business Intelligence Analysts; to further accelerate the usage of data in maximizing long-term customer satisfaction and value-creation.