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At FrieslandCampina, our passion to get more out of milk and help consumers grow and develop is shared by our 23,000 employees. Our shareholders, almost 18,000 farmers in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany, supply more than 10 billion kilograms of milk per year to FrieslandCampina. Thanks to this milk we reach millions of people in over a hundred countries worldwide every day with more than 30 iconic brands. FrieslandCampina is a unique FMCG and B2B multinational. We are unique because our suppliers, our member dairy farmers, are also our owners. With an annual revenue of 11.3 billion euros, FrieslandCampina is one of the world’s largest diary companies.zQl8JEiNvC4eYKwsX16FmPPHNULa-s-fElOnoSn8V-g7aFOp59e05VFhaijcGXcjJSUVgyzfjSLOGI2meaMOcREhqZWxWLUZadPEwr2X7caOIsf5azeLYbLQxj-kfJ8CQSYkNjDaPZ4_xyWV0Q

Why work in Finance at FrieslandCampina

As finance trainee you will be challenged on different aspects. You have to be proactive and need persuasive skills. In the traineeship you will accomplish two of three typical finance roles. This may be a role in financial shared services where the operational finance activities are performed, or a financial role in the business where you discover what drives the business and what direction the company has to go to create more impact, or a job in the field of expert finance where you will set guidelines and boundaries for the business and finance to operate in. In all these roles you will work with different systems and processes.

Why work in IT at FrieslandCampina

In 2020, the IT organization launched a new strategy organizing ourselves around nine IT platforms, for example Commerce, Supply Chain, Data & Analytics or IT Operations that have end-to-end responsibility for delivering IT services to the business. As IT trainee, you will be part of one of these platforms and can expect to shape and implement our new technology strategy, facilitate decision making through data and AI solutions, set IT guidelines for the business and support digital transformation by automating processes.

About our Corporate Traineeship IT

Do you want to be part of building a highly capable IT organization to enable FrieslandCampina to win in the market with speed every day through scalable processes and technology expertise & services? As IT trainee you will be working in an international environment and collaborating with colleagues from all over the world. You will be working on topics like driving commercial effectiveness, implementing new business applications and supporting decision making through business intelligence and predictive analytics solutions. You start in a two-year trainee program, where you will be assigned to two projects of one year within your field. With your interdisciplinary trainee group you follow several trainings and participate in other activities that will boost your personal and professional growth. After the first year we assess together what kind of assignment would be good for your development. After the second assignment you will flow into a permanent position, which is a logical next step for your career within IT. Check out the experiences of one of our IT trainees: 

The application for the traineeship starting in March 2022 will be open for applications in October 2021. Click here for more information!

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