These are strange and uncertain times. Find information on different aspects of coronavirus here.


What does this mean for VSAE? First of all, we will not hold any physical meetings. All events are cancelled untill at least July 1st. The board will not be in the boardroom, they will work from home. For any questions you can always reach them.


All of our events will be cancelled or postponed till at least July 1st. We will evaluate the situation daily and we will follow the guidlines of the government and the RIVM. Your safety and health is always our first priority in our decision to cancel or host events. Below you can find the update status of our events.

Heineken Pre Graduate Program: March 31th, April 7th, April 30th
The Heineken Pre Graduate Program is cancelled for the dates given above. We are in close contact with Heineken to determine the new dates for this project. 

Econometric Game: April 1-3
The econometric Game is cancelled.

KBR Prague: April 8-12
The trip to Prague from April 8th untill April 12th is cancelled. But we have some good news, we will try to postpone it to a later date!

Analytics Acadamy Training: April 15th
The committee is working hard in order to let the training continue on an online platform. However, participants should be aware of the fact that there is a possibility that the training gets cancelled. 

The Experience: April 20th, April 21st, May 4th
The Experience is cancelled for now. We are looking into the possibilities of postponing this event.

IMC: Business Course: May 7th and May 8th
We sent out an email informing you about the IMC Business Course, apllicable for Dutch students. This has now been moved to June 4th and 5th. Click here for more information

Social Events
All social events are cancelled till July 1st. We wil try to postpone as much as possible. 

What to do

It is important that you follow the guidelines by the Dutch government and RIVM. This means you are not obliged to stay home but you are advised to avoid crowded places, avoid public transport and work from home as much as possible. Distribution centers are fully stocked and there are enough supplies for the coming months, so there is no need to stock up on food or toiletpaper. 

Don't forget to study. This might feel like a vacation but at some point everyone will have to catch up and do the missed exams. 

Help others. There are plenty of people in need in this period. Instead of chilling at home, it might be very rewarding to help others by volunteering for example


There are some websites you can visit for more specific information:

RIVM: The Dutch national institute for health and environment. On their website you can find the latest info, general info and Q&A
GGD Amsterdam: For health related questions please refer to the GGD Amsterdam here (Dutch only)
UvA: For updates of UvA on the coronavirus, check their update page

You can also always call the Corona-hotline on 0800-1351

Last update: 14-5-2020