Koffie Commissie

About the Coffee Committee

The idea of the Coffee Committee is that you as a VSAE member can grab a coffee (or other beverage) with a member of the committee. You can have this drink in a cafe, during a walk or any other way you would like. During the drink you can talk about struggles you may have with your studies, social life or anything else in life. But if you just want some company you are also more than welcome to have a drink with a committee member.

For now the coffee committee consists only of the current board members. You can choose a board member to your liking and contact them if you are interested in having a coffee with them.

Important: anything you discuss with a committee member will remain confidential.

Get to know the committee


Hi, my name is Julie and I am a third year econometrics student and this year I am part of the VSAE Board. I am a down to earth, competitive person and I like to do things that challenge me. In my spare time I love to cook and go on runs to release stress. 

I am not someone who loves to talk about their feelings and emotions, I look at the cause as to why I am feeling a certain way and then I start to think of solutions. I am not a spiritual person and I think of things rationally, sometimes a little too much maybe. If you're struggling with something, need someone to give you some more perspective or you just want some company just send me a message and we can grab a drink together. :)

Contact information : +31 6 81 02 70 03



Hi, My name is Ira and I am the Internal Affairs of the VSAE. As the Internal Affairs, I'm having coffee with people on a regular basis. So getting a drink with someone and chatting isn't new to me. I am a very empathetic person, who cares for others around me. 

So if you would like to get something off your chest because of personal matters or would just like to get some distraction from everything, feel free to plan a coffee walk with me! I’m always open to having a conversation and nothing is too crazy for me. I like to listen to other people’s stories so you can just talk my ears off and I wouldn’t mind haha.

Contact information: +31 6 34 55 83 01 



Hi, my name is Sjors and I am the current Treasurer of the VSAE. As the board we will also form the coffee committee, which I think is a step in the right direction as an association. As a member of this committee, my door is always open to have a chat or grab a coffee.

I am a calm and laid back person, and to be honest if I am struggling with something I wouldn’t be the first person to talk about it. However, I do have experiences with mental issues and I am open to sharing these with you, which might help you with yours! :)

Of course, I am also available to talk about any other things you’re struggling with. I hope coming forth about my own experiences makes it easier for you to do the same. If you want to have a one-on-one conversation with me, please don’t hesitate to reach out! 

PS If you don't know how to pronounce my name in English, you can say George!

Contact information: +31 6 54 79 69 82



Hi, my name is Anneke and I am part of this year's VSAE board. As part of the coffee committee I am always open to meet and have a talk. This talk can be about your feelings, something you are struggling with, your goals and ambitions, something you are excited about or anything else that is on your mind. 

I would describe myself as an approachable, warm and enthusiastic person. Some things that make me feel happy and calm are feeling the sun on my skin, waking up early and being productive in the morning, bonfires during sunsets and playing backgammon with my mom. Besides that I am interested in different cultures (and their food) and watersports (surfing, swimming etc.).

Just like every other person I have things I struggle with. On a daily basis going on runs is my way of releasing stress and getting in touch with my emotions. Besides that I find it really helpful to talk to the people around me. Often that is what makes me feel less alone and i t makes me realise that my feelings are not ‘weird’. 

If you feel like having a coffee with me, please don’t hesitate to contact me and we can set a date.

Contact information: +31 6 23 05 53 05



Hi Hi, My name is Randy and in 2022 I will be the External Affairs of the VSAE. Besides my tasks as a board member I will also be part of this committee. In my spare time I like to watch football or formula 1. I like to play basketball in my yard or play fetch with my dog Shane.

I also like to have good conversations with people.

My friends would describe me as energetic, but also really easy to talk to. I will always try to make you smile with a little joke. On the other hand I never make things bigger than they are. I am a down to earth guy.

If you want to have more of a connection with the VSAE, because you feel lonely or you need to get something off your chest, but have no one to talk to, then you can always have a chat with me. Together we can drink something and talk about whatever you want to talk about.

Contact information: +31 6 34 48 88 71