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The VSAE is the study association for all Actuarial Science, Econometrics and Business Analytics students at the University of Amsterdam (UvA).

The VSAE has grown into a professional association with many study-related activities and projects. Through the great diversity of majors within the quantitative economic department at the UvA, the VSAE is the most diverse study association for Econometrics and offers the widest range of projects. The association is also active in publishing articles, organising conferences, career events, study trips, personal development possibilities, and tutoring.

On the website of the VSAE you can find additional information on the five pillars that make up our association: Study, Career, Analytics AcademySocial & Mental Health.

Since it is a study association, the VSAE aims to assist its members in their study progress. One of these is the classical tutoring of our first-year students. Besides this, the VSAE facilitates a platform where people can offer to give individual tutoring or request it. Besides tutoring, the VSAE facilitates the sale of all the necessary books in cooperation with their partner Smartbooks.

The VSAE organises multiple career events during the year. During these events, students can orient themselves broadly, have personal conversations with recruiters, participate in workshops, and much more. In addition to this, the VSAE runs her own career page, www.careers4quants.com, specifically tailored for students with a quantitative background.

To make sure our members are optimally prepared for life after the university, we have initiated the Analytics Academy. The analysts participating in this Academy will receive professional training from some of the largest firms in the world. The training is meant to assist students in applying their academic knowledge in a practical context.

But what might be the best part for many students is our social events, where there is ample opportunity to get to know fellow students. We organise monthly (free) drinks and events as well as multiple trips within and outside of the Netherlands.

We also care a lot about the mental health of our students, and we strive to be there for them in times of need. Members can find references on our website to refer them to certain entities or specialists, or they can talk about their struggles in a chat with the Coffee Committee.

If would you like more information about the VSAE, a project, or an event, you can send an email to info@vsae.nl.