Business Orientation Days

The Business Orientation Days (previously known as Beroependagen) is one of the biggest career events of the VSAE. In collaboration with the Financiële Studievereniging Amsterdam (FSA) the committee organizes a two-day event where students can get acquainted with some of the most important companies in our field, through presentations, workshops, individual meetings, lunches and dinners. The committee takes about 6-8 hours a week and consists of 7 committee members in total, of which 3 or 4 committee members of the VSAE.

Do you want to know more about a committee? Send an email to to schedule a cup of coffee with Michelle Mutsears (Internal Affairs).

June Holman (FSA) 

Caio Smidi (VSAE)
Anne Nummerdor (FSA)

Committee members
Desiree Rashedy (VSAE)
Carlo Barendse (VSAE)
Hidde van Rheenen (VSAE)
Daniek Luesink (FSA)
Stein Beivoet (FSA)
Niek Put (FSA)