Every year, the Ranking gets to decide who will win the title "Sjaars of the year' and 'VSAE'er of the year' through a point system. When you are in this committee, you will be responsible for making fun rules during VSAE event so the members can earn points, promoting these rules and taking notes. The committee is a lot of fun! The committee will cost you about 2 hours a week and consists of 8 committee members including a (second year) chairman.

Do you want to know more about a committee? Send an email to internal@vsae.nl to schedule a cup of coffee with Damla Baybar (Internal Affairs).

Luke Hobson

Una Ignjatovic

Committee members
Eduardo Germa
Elenor Juricic
Gönen Ertunç
Juliana Granados
Nikhil Kamra
Quinten Toor
Sophie Dings