Introduction camp

At the end of the summer holidays, the VSAE welcomes the new first year students during the Introduction Days. During these days, the first year students get to know the VSAE and each other in a relaxing way. As a committee member you ensure there is a great programme for all new students. The entire committee wil consist of first year students who want to ensure that the new first year students get a successful start to their study time. The committee wil cost you about 2 hours a week and consists of 7 committee members including a chairman.

Do you want to know more about a committee? Send an email to to schedule a cup of coffee with Ira de Witte (Internal Affairs).

Michelle Arens

Sjors den Boer

Committee members
Sven Geerlings
Jim Veldkamp
Nina van Velsen
Winston de Man
Leon van Rooijen 
Jasper van der Zwaag