The LED is short for 'Landelijke Econometristen Dag' meaning National Econometrician Day. This event is for all econometric students in the Netherlands. It is the biggest econometric-related event each year and is organized by one of the six econometric associations. This year it is the turn of the VSAE to organize this event. Last year the LED was a completely online event for the first time in its existence, however this year we aim to organize a physical LED again. As a committee, you are responsible for finding a suitable location, for arranging the catering, for reaching out and contact a lot of companies and you are responsible for organizing a huge party. The committee will cost you about 4-6 hours a week and consists of 6  committee members including a chairman.

Do you want to know more about a committee? Send an email to internal@vsae.nl to schedule a cup of coffee with Selma Lindfors (Internal Affairs).

Annelotte Bonenkamp

Jasper Eppink

Commitee members
Jacco Broere - Dag coördinator
Rick Cornelisse - Penningmeester
Vera Zentveld - Acquisitie
Olle Colenbrander - Acquisitie
Sanne Moonen - Secretaris/Marketing