VSAE weekend

Similar to the Short Trip Abroad, VSAE Weekend is all about relaxing with your fellow students in another Dutch city (only to confirm that Amsterdam is still the prettiest town in the Netherlands). During this little weekend trip all members can enjoy the culture, regional dishes and parties of one of the beautiful cities in the Netherlands or in Belgium! This weekend is the perfect opportunity for freshmen to get to know the higher years and the VSAE traditions. As a committee member, you will be responsible for the organisation of the whole trip! The committee will cost you about 2-4 hours a week and consists of 5 committee members including a chairman.

Do you want to know more about a committee? Send an email to internal@vsae.nl to schedule a cup of coffee with Selma Lindfors (Internal Affairs).

Timo Nijkamp

Sven Geerlings

Committee members
Laurens Graver
Alise Sebre
Melis Cevik
Oliwia Leonczak