Actuariaatcongres 2023

Thema Actuariaatcongres 2023 - Fairness: the Ethics of solidarity 

On the 1st of March the yearly Actuarial Congress is held! This is a conference where actuaries come to learn and discuss about a certain theme which changes every year. This years theme is: Fairness - the Ethics of solidarity. The congress is the perfect opportunity to get to know the actuarial world and to learn more about the real life actuarial subjects. This congress is for all our members so you do not have to be an actuarial student. 

Registrations for our members is completely free of charge + you get a free lunch or a free borrel!!

Via this link you can sign up:


Here is a short introduction about the theme:

Ancient Greek philosophers talked about it, religions find their foundation in it and today's so-called Wokism is all about it: Ethics. What are the criteria for right and wrong? The key question in jurisprudence. However, not only of importance for this scientific discipline. Ethics is equally relevant to Actuarial Science. For actuaries, ethics involves independence, integrity and the duty of care towards clients. Think of the additional social responsibility, ethical use of data and respect for norms and values.

Within companies, the focus is more on ethical collaboration among themselves. Relationships between colleagues, managers and customers.
Taboo-breaking discussions about boundaries of what is permissible: what is permissible and what is not? What to do when a line is crossed? Are there grey areas?

In short, the subject of 'Ethics' is very broad and involves subjectivity. With that, it is important that it is well thought out and communicated. The possible angles you consider important as a company can be shared and/or debated. It is also instructive because of the concrete situations that participants can take along in their professional development.