ING Master Beer Tasting

The VSAE organises a beer tasting in collaboration with ING! This is a perfect opportunity to meet your fellow master students and have a chat with our main partner ING.

Some facts:

- Tuesday 12th of November 18:30 - 20:30
- Brouwerij Poesiat & Kater, Polderweg 648 Amsterdam
- Only for master students, first come, first serve
- Applications open Friday 25 October 12:00
- Free of charge!
- 5 different beers & snacks included


We will kick off with a short introduction about the beers that we'll taste and the brewery. Followed up by the first beer and a few snacks.
Shortly after we'll enjoy more beer and some nachos after which part of the group will have a short tour inside the brewery while the rest continues tasting.
Soon as they return the rest of the group will enjoy the tour and as soon as the group is complete again we'll finish of with another beer and some more appetizers. Finally, you'll have the opportunity to order your favorite beer one more time! After this event we can continue our evening at the monthly VSAE borrel in the Heeren van Aemstel.

During the beer tasting you will get the opportunity to have a chat with some trainees, employees and recruiters from ING in an informal way.

Applications open Friday 25 October 12:00 (and will close 7 November). We have a first come, first serve policy.

Please make sure you are registered as a master student within the settings of your VSAE account.